Livingwalls, Greenwalls or Vertical Gardens are an integrated system where plants are installed into a structure that is attached to the wall or onto a frame and grown vertically.

Growing vertically is the best solution when space is limited by maximising vertical space. A perfect solution to patio or enclosed spaces. Our expertise will allow for our living walls to flourish in even the most unaccommodating spaces

Suitable for any building or garden wall, small courtyards and balconies. Not only does this create a stunning visual effect and space but also supports the environment in the following ways:



Air Purification


Helps to Insulate buildings and protects against UV damage


Helps to cool cities and even the smallest living wall helps to reduce the urban heat index


Supports biodiversity


Reduces Noise Pollution


Increases Health and well being


It can bring a small area like a small courtyard or balcony to life by making use of vertical space. Planting plans are site specific and will use a blend of plants to create a truly beautiful wall that is a delight to look upon.



Really create a sense of health and well being with a living wall in your business reception and waiting rooms, or create an amazing entrance in your homes hallway, or an exotic feel to your bathroom. The skies the limit!

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